GameDev – How to Manage Textfields with Tiled

In my last post, I hinted at a way to manage textfields with Tiled. I also said to prepare yourself, because your pants would get blown away.

Well, did you remove them? ‘Cause they’re about to explode.

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GameDev – Using Littera with Phaser

Littera, dudes.

This is one of those innocent looking webapps that blow my mind by their usefulness and ease of use (ease of usefulness?)

It all started when I needed a better font than Arial for my retro/pixel/end-of-80’s Roguelike game. At first I thought there would be a way to package the font with the game, CSS @font-face style, and be done with it, but this is different, since I’m using Phaser and displaying bitmap fonts.

It seems like the most popular option is to use webfonts in Phaser, but I really wanted to package the fonts and make the game playable offline.

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