Got Tools?

In the past weeks I’ve been doing a lot of new work. Sometimes I would inadvertently show cool stuff under a gif format or just a screenshot, and people would be like “wait how did you do that?“.

It’s not the product so much as the freakin’ half-second it took me to do it.

I’ve decided to share the tools I use because not enough people know them, because they’re fast, and because the amount of time it saves you at the end of the day is tremendous.

Them tools:

  • Lightshot for screenshots. Annotate and copy/paste at the speed of light.
  • Licecap for gifs. Terrible name, great tool.
  • Trello for tasks. Thought no one didn’t know about Trello? Think again.
  • Google Keep for simple checklists. Create a list, share it with a friend, and voilà, you have a unified checklist that is synced everywhere. And everyone has a Google account. Kudos to my friend Franck M. for this.
  • GitKraken for a Git GUI. In the past months they’ve updated a couple of times, and it has matured nicely.

I will update this post if new tools are tested and approved, so stay tuned.

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