Bye bye eBook.

Hey peeps.

As you may know, I wanted to create an eBook to teach entity component systems.
Well, it won’t happen.

The project is cancelled, the eBook won’t see the light of day. I am not closing down the blog, I’m just stopping this project.

If you’re still interested in ECS, here’s the cool news: I’ve found something called PlayCanvas, which is essentially Unity 3D in JavaScript. It’s got the entity/component built right-in. It’s pretty fun! I had a blast playing with this, and it shows promise. Take a look, dig in, follow the tutorials, fork the sample projects, and just dive in the fun.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye eBook.

  1. Oh no… That’s unfortunate. I’ve read your article about ECS 2 years ago and was hooked to this magnificent “pattern”. It’s so easy to implement and maintain, so much potential, … Unfortunately not a lot of people seem to use it as some don’t even know it. I myself haven’t really had the time with my second job… Until now 🙂

    Just out of curiosity, do you have any drafts of your ebook? Or haven’t you started?

    I mean I would love to see a functional egame using this method.


    1. Hey Peter!

      I had a few lines of code, but much of the rest is in my head…
      I’ve had a close friend get inspired by it and trying some cool stuff. I’m inclined to help him out and maybe have a new spark of ECS for Phaser coming up soon 😉

      If I were you, I’d stay tuned to this blog in the coming months…


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